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HTTP Cookie Policy Statement

Version 1.2 -- last updated 2022/12.

What are HTTP cookies

HTTP cookies are small pieces of data sent by websites and stored in the client web browser. Originally they were intended as a reliable mechanism for websites to keep track of the user actions between different pages of the same site to overcome the lack of a proper mechanism to implement states in the HTTP protocol (the protocol that governs the communication between the user browser and the website server). These cookies are called session cookies and exists only in temporary memory (they are not stored in the users secondary memory) and they expire when the user closes the browser.

Today cookies are also used for other different purposes, including the tracking of user's web browsing habits through the use of persistent cookies that do not expire when the browser is closed. These persistent cookies are stored as files in the user''s secondary memory and they collect information regarding the device (including the IP and phone number), logging details, location information, and various statistics about the frequency and number of visited pages in the site.

Third party cookies

At Gradement we do not use any third party cookies, nor use any cookies to access information regarding site usage and geolocation of our users and subscribers.

HTTP cookies used by Gradement

We only generate three technical cookies called SESSION, nonce and uid, used for the implementation of the Gradement's permanent sessions mechanism.